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The best nightclubs of Las Vegas

Check the best nightclubs of Las Vegas. They are considered the world's best, there are dozens of clubs that are great, but a some stand out and are considered the best of Vegas. LV nightclubs are luxurious, with incredible decor and beautiful people. It is very common to see famous people celebrating their birthdays in these parties and there are always famous DJs playing. For those who like nightclubs, Las Vegas is the perfect city and the fun is guaranteed. Here we listed the best clubs of Las Vegas. In our opinion, the best are XS, Omnia and Hakkasan. They are just amazing!

 Best nightclubs in Las Vegas

XS Nightclub Las Vegas

XS Nightclub Las Vegas has been elected as the best Vegas nightclub. XS Nightclub is located inside the luxurious and well known Hotel Casino Wynn. The style of XS follows the same pattern as Marquee, which is all about sophistication and glamor. As in most nightclubs of Las Vegas, XS Nightclub’s musical style depends largely on the schedule and the DJ, but most of it is about electronic, dance, black music and house. In XS you will hear those international songs that are playing on radio stations and clubs around the world, so you'll probably recognize most of them and enjoy. As it is one of the best of Las Vegas, at XS Night Club you will probably find artists and celebrities.

 Best nightclubs in Las Vegas

The Bank at Bellagio Las Vegas

The Bank Las Vegas is one of the best nightclubs in Las Vegas, and is located within the luxurious and well known Hotel Casino Bellagio. Like most of the nightclubs in Las Vegas, The Bank is an amazing nightclub and has a structure that you hardly see in other places. The space is very well decorated and has a sound system and the latest lighting technology. Since it is inside the Bellagio Hotel, which is the most known hotel in Vegas, The Bank follows the same pattern as the hotel and is a high-level club with well-selected people, who are always very well dressed. For those who enjoy a good party, The Bank is one of the best of Las Vegas.

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TAO Las Vegas Nightclub at Venetian

TAO Las Vegas is considered one of the best in Las Vegas. TAO is located inside the Venetian Hotel Casino in Las Vegas Strip, the main avenue in Vegas. TAO has a great space and has a terrace with a view of the entire Strip. TAO opens on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and is the official party of The Venetian Casino. People usually are very well dressed and women go there with very short dresses. TAO has a VIP booth at the second floor, where women are always dancing and flirting with men. The musical style is electronic music, black music and dance, always with famous DJs in Las Vegas.

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Marquee Nightclub in Las Vegas

Marquee Nightclub Las Vegas is considered one of the best of the city, which is known for its nightlife and for its amazing nightclubs, but Marquee differs from all others and is a step ahead. Marquee is located inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel, which is one of the newest hotels in LV and therefore has a structure with a modern and luxurious decoration. If you like to enjoy and is looking for entertainment in an amazing place with beautiful people, Marquee is the perfect place for you.

 Best nightclubs in Las Vegas

Hakkasan Las Vegas

Hakkasan is located in the MGM Hotel Casino in Las Vegas. It was launched recently and it is one of the most modern and beautiful nightclubs of the city. The Hakkasan chain has nightclubs in the busiest cities of the world, such as London, Dubai, Mumbai and restaurants in Miami and New York. In addition to the party, the place has an incredible restaurant with Asian food. The most famous DJs of the world often play there.

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Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas

Omnia is one of the newest in town. It was recently launched, replacing the old Pure. It is located in the Hotel Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, one of the best on the Strip. Before, there was a nightclub called Pure in there, wicho was very popular in the area but was closed for reform and was reopened with a new name and concept.

Best shows at Vegas

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