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Everything about the weather in Las Vegas

Knowing the weather in Las Vegas is a very important issue, because as you know, Las Vegas is in the middle of a desert and has a weather that is very different from other cities. Located in the state of Nevada, Las Vegas is close to California, so it also has a very tropical and hot weather during most part of the year. The sun and the dry air bother some tourists at certain months of the year, as in June and July, since it is summer.

 Weather in Las Vegas

Summer in Las Vegas

In summer, temperatures in Las Vegas can exceed 104°F and rarely fall below 82ºF. The warmth is intense and that’s why hotels invest in huge pools and indoor entertainment, so that tourists do not have to go outside to the streets. The Caesars Palace, for example, has six pools and all of them are enormous. Summer in Vegas takes place in May, June, July and August. In September it is still summer and the weather is still hot, but temperatures are starting to drop at this point. If you like hot weather and sun, June, July and August are the hottest months of the year.

Summer in Las Vegas

Winter in Las Vegas

The winter in Las Vegas is very cold and icy. During the day, the sun almost always come out, but at night the temperature begins to fall and the weather gets cold and windy. The winter months in Las Vegas are November, December, January, February and March. The coldest are December and January, the others are amazing and you can even get a tan during the afternoon. January, February and March are the months with the highest levels of rain.

Winter in Las Vegas

Months with the best weather in Las Vegas

The months of April, May, September and October are the best to visit Las Vegas, because it is not cold nor has that hot and dry summer weather. During these months, going for a walk in the Las Vegas Strip, the main avenue of the city, is a very nice tour. These are the perfect months to visit the city, but regardless the month, your trip will be amazing anyway. 

How to save a lot on your trip

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