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Saving a lot of money in Las Vegas

Learn how to save a lot of money on your trip to Las Vegas. We will give you amazing tips and show price comparators and other excellent tools for you to plan your entire trip saving a lot and paying lower prices. With a few tips and information you will see that it is possible to save a lot. We will give you tips to save some money in all services when planning the trip, such as car rental, accomodation, airfare and travel insurance, besides everything you will do during your trip, such as tours, shopping, shows and clubs.

How to save a lot of money in Las Vegas

How to save a bundle on food in Las Vegas

It is hard to get healthy food if you want to save some money in Las Vegas. The most famous and popular restaurants, both inside hotels and outside of them, tend to be expensive. The cheapest option to eat in Las Vegas is the traditional fast food. Among them, the one that stands out is McDonalds, where you can get very cheap food paying a very low price. There are also other cheap restaurants in the streets, but the ones inside the hotels are usually more expensive, so avoid eating there. Some hotels have food courts with many traditional restaurants and good prices. Try to take a look. Most hotels also have the option of buffet, where you can eat for a fixed price. If you have a good breakfast, you can lunch later and have a great lunch/dinner at these restaurants. Look for the restaurants inside less luxurious hotels, which are also great and much cheaper.

Las Vegas - Food

Saving on car rentals in Las Vegas

Most tourists who travel to Las Vegas rent a car in order to go to the outlets that are far apart, to know all the areas of the city, to visit the incredible Grand Canyon and even to travel to California, which is a few hours away from there.The first tip to save is to book the car rental as early as possible through the Internet. The sooner you book, the cheaper the price. Since there are many good companies, they have promotional discounts all the time, so try to find the best price. There are some comparators of car rental prices that are excellent and can do all the work for you, always finding incredible prices. In just a few seconds you'll get on your screen all car rental options in Las Vegas and all you need to do is choose the cheapest option. If you want to perform this search, click in the car rental comparator tool in Las Vegas. As the world's major comparator, it has strong partnerships with car rental companies, thus providing unbeatable prices. You will really save a lot of money.

And the more people you have, the more you save, because the price will be shared among everyone, including parking and gas expenses. Give preference to larger and reliable agencies like Alamo, Hertz, Dollar, Budget and Avis. Choose the basic insurance at the time of booking, which is very important, but try not to be fooled by the companies that, at the time of car withdrawal, try to make you buy an extra insurance, which is expensive and is not worth it. With all these tips and using comparators, you can save up to $200 on car rentals. 

How to save on shows in Las Vegas

Another cool tip is to save on shows. Never stop looking for fun in tourism magazines. These magazines there is a lot of advertising and discount coupons for several shows, restaurants and clubs. Another way to save is to walk around Las Vegas Strip and watch the free concerts that take place in front of the big hotels.There is the show Sirens of Ti at Treasure Island, the dancing fountains of Bellagio, the erupting volcano at the Mirage and many others. And for those who do not know, Las Vegas also has several shows of Cirque du Soleil and of the greatest singers of the world. Take a part of your budget for the shows, because it really worth it and you will not regret.

Volcano show in Las Vegas

We found an amazing place to buy tickets in Las Vegas, which is also very cheap. Many tourists do not know about this place yet, but it is the official website of the city and the largest seller of tickets in the world. As the official website, they have tickets for ALL the shows, clubs, restaurants and tours that you can imagine and the prices are much lower than buying it with any travel agency. You can find tickets of Cirque du Soleil for up to $70. We bought many other tickets for tours, clubs and restaurants, because it is very worthwhile. They also have tickets for tours to the Grand Canyon. It works very well and their service is great. Click here to access the Official Website of Las Vegas and check out the wide range of tickets they have and their amazing prices.

Saving on travel insurance in Las Vegas

Another important tip for travels to Las Vegas or anywhere else in the United States, is to have a Travel Insurance, because it is very important. And as usual, you can save a bundle on insurance too. For more details, see our article Travel Insurance when travelling to the US and see tips on how to get a good insurance for the best price. In this article we suggest the best travel insurance company. In less than a minute you will have the best insurance and can hire yours. We recommend you to have an insurance, but you can save and get a good price. If you want to take a look, click here in travel insurance

Las Vegas

How to save on hotels in Las Vegas

A good tip to save some money in Las Vegas is to save on accommodation. For those who want to save more, there are hotels out of the Strip, which is the main avenue where the main hotels and shows are. A cheaper option is to choose hotels in Fremont Street, in Downtown Las Vegas. For those who prefer to stay in the Las Vegas Strip, there are cheaper options as well and the hotels are great. Hotel Luxor, Excalibur and Stratosphere are cheaper options. They maybe less luxurious than the others, but they are nice and close to the best shows of Las Vegas. We recommend you to choose a hotel in Strip, because it is really worth it.

Hotel Luxor Las Vegas

A great tip to find great hotels at incredible prices in the area you want and save a lot on accommodation is to use this Searcher for hotels in Las Vegas. We always use it, because it is the largest website for booking hotel accomodations. This website includes all hotels in Las Vegas and around the world and offer unbeatable prices. We always use it in order not to have any problems and to save a lot, especially on Las Vegas Strip, which has good and cheap options. And they also have opinions of people who have stayed in the hotels, which helps a lot when evaluating the best option. A great tip when searching is to filter the results by "neighborhood", where you can select regions, and also "Reviews", selecting the option "very good reviews". You will see the best hotels in the best areas and with excellent reviews of past guests. This ensures an excellent accomodation for the best price in Las Vegas.

Saving on purchases in Vegas

Las Vegas has two great outlets, so you should go there first and buy everything you need. They are cheaper and have great discounts. In case you don’t find what you were looking for, you can try to find on the streets stores and hotels, which are a bit more expensive. Another tip is to use the amazing discounts coupons. The main shopping malls and outlets in Las Vegas offer a book full of discount coupons. Just print the voucher get your discount coupons. It is very worthwhile and you can save a lot. 

Save on shopping in Las Vegas

How to find amazing air tickets to Las Vegas

The most expensive item of the trip (and with which you can save more money) is the airfare, but we will show you how to get tickets at incredible prices and find good discounts. As the options of airlines and flights to Las Vegas are huge, they always have special prices and discounts. To find these tickets, our tip is to use this amazing tool Flights on sale for Las Vegas, enter the destination and the number of days you will stay in Vegas, and the tool will find the cheapest tickets. Will you buy air tickets much cheaper and save a lot on the trip. The discounts change all the time, so if you find a good one, you better buy it.

How to save on the purchase of dollars

And the last tip to save money in Las Vegas if you are not a United States resident is on the purchase of dollars. Finding a good exchange company and knowing the best way to take your dollars can help you to save a lot. Take your dollars in cash. The Travel Money Card, which is a prepaid card, is excellent and you can track your expenses and available amounts through an app or through thr Internet. Concerning exchange companies, our tip is to find the company that offers the best conversion rate, so that you can save even more.

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