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Best Stores of Electronics in Las Vegas

Check out the best stores to buy electronics in Las Vegas. The options of where to buy electronics in Vegas are huge and we will talk about the stores that you must visit. As well as throughout the United States, in Las Vegas the electronics are much cheaper than in other countries. The price difference is so high that there are people who travel to Las Vegas just to buy electronics. The city has several amazing stores that are huge. The size of the stores impresses all tourists and the service is excellent. Get ready to buy everything you need, because it is really worthwhile. 

Best Buy Las Vegas

To make things easier and so that you know where to buy electronics in Las Vegas, we made ​​a selection of the best and biggest stores. The main ones are BestBuy, Apple, Fry's and Target. In all of them you will find what you need, and they have several units throughout the city, so you will always find a unit very close to where you are staying. They are usually found in major shopping malls and Outlets of Las Vegas. Each of these electronic stores in Vegas has its differential and it is worth checking all of them to find good prices and promotions.

Best Buy in Las Vegas

Best Buy is one of the best and most famous electronics stores in the United States. It is the favorite of tourists, is huge and you can find one in Vegas. Best Buy is also a representative of Apple products and usually have a separate area just for Apple. In the Best buy you will be able to buy LCD, Plasma and LED TVs, digital cameras, computers, mobile phones, books, video games, GPS, movies, notebooks, car stereos and any other imaginable product. Those who want to buy electronics in Las Vegas must go to Best Buy.

Fry's in Las Vegas

Fry's is one of the largest electronics stores ever. Imagine a store with the size of a large supermarket, but that sells only electronic products... It is a paradise for those who like to buy cameras, TVs, iPod, iPad, Notebook, Video Game, games and computers. It is very worth buying electronics there, because the service is excellent and the variety of products is very large. Unlike other chains, it is not so easy to find a Fry’s store in Vegas, because there is only one that is close to the center, which is located on South Las Vegas Blvd No. 6845. Book a whole afternoon to visit this store. 

Where to buy electronics in Las Vegas

Apple Store in Las Vegas

The Apple Store is undoubtedly the most popular electronics store in Las Vegas and around the world. In the Apple Store you can spend the whole day having fun with new launches of iPod, iPad, iPhone, Mac computers and notebooks and test all of them before buying. It also has many unique accessories for Apple products. If you have questions just find an employee with an Apple blue shirt, they will ask an Apple expert to talk to you and help you solve any problems or questions. A great experience that is worth a visit even if you will not buy anything. In Las Vegas, you can find an Apple store in the Fashion Show Mall and other at The Forum Shops.

Apple Store in Las Vegas

Target in Las Vegas

The famous department store Target is the leading supermarket in US. It is one of the largest market and department store of the world. It's a great place to shop, because they really sell everything. In addition to the supermarket products and clothing, Target also sells electronics. It is not a store that sells only electronics like Best Buy, but has enough options and good prices. If you want to buy cameras, video games and GPS, there you will find major brands and good deals. A good store to buy electronics.

Target in Las Vegas

Important Tips for shopping in Las Vegas

An important tip for shopping in Vegas is to carry a trolley bag or a large backpack when going to the malls and outlets. Otherwise, in a few hours you will be full of plastic bags and it is not easy to carry them all day long. With a large bag or backpack, you can keep everything inside them and it is much more practical. Outlets, shopping malls, stores and tourist attractions are far away from each other, so an important tip to enjoy your trip and be able to shop is to rent a car, both for going shopping and visiting places. With a car you can even go to the Grand Canyon or to California. See our article of how to rent a car in Las Vegas with all you need to know, tips to save a lot, and excellent price comparators to get an incredible price. Our comparator compares the prices being offered by all major car rental companies of US. You will save a lot of money and will be able to buy even more cool things.

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