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Things to do with children in Las Vegas 

Know what to do in Las Vegas with your children. Amazingly the city of Las Vegas has several nice places for children. Many people think that Las Vegas is a place to visit just with adults, but in fact the city is made ​​for all ages and there you will see many families traveling together and enjoying the holidays. We know that traveling with children need a planning, and Las Vegas has plenty of attractions to entertain and amuse kids. See the main places to visit and what to do in Las Vegas if you are traveling with children.

Las Vegas with children

Hotels with attractions for children in Las Vegas

Hotel Circus Circus is a casino & hotel that has a circus theme and has a huge amusement park with various toys, Ferris wheel, roller coaster, arcades and everything else that children need to have fun for hours. It is a place that both adults and children will enjoy. Another cool casino & hotel to take the kids is the Excalibur Hotel, which is a hotel with a theme inspired by medieval times and has the shape of a huge castle. The decor and the castle shape are enough to entertain children. Across the street is the MGM Hotel, which has a habitat of lions and is also a good option to take children.

Hotel Circus Circus Las Vegas

Shows and attractions for children in Las Vegas

Another place for kids to have fun in Las Vegas, which is also cool because adults love it as well, is the wax museum Madame Tussauds. It is a museum with waxworks representing artists and celebrities from around the world, such as Elvis Presley, Blue Man Group and Brad Pitt. Right in front of the Venetian Hotel there is the Mirage Hotel, and in front of it there is an incredible show representing the eruption of a volcano. Children love when the show begins. The best of all is that it's free. For those who want to watch a nice show in Las Vegas with kids, a great option is the Criss Angel Show by Cirque du Solei, which is a magic show with one of the greatest magicians of the world. Children usually love it.

Wax Museum Madame Tussauds

Shops and places for children

A very good place to entertain kids in Las Vegas is the Showcase Mall Las Vegas. It is in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip and has a Coke store, which is a huge store of several floors with products and attractions of all kinds, which is next to a giant M&Ms store, which has toys, attractions and a wall with millions of M&Ms of all colors for children to take with a bag. In the same place you will find GameWorks, which is a place full of arcades and video games for children to play and have fun. In the Showcase Mall you will have many things to do with your kids without spending a lot of money.

  GameWorks Las Vegas

As Las Vegas has a warm climate and is in the middle of the desert, kids love anywhere with water. Most hotels have huge pools that will ensure the enjoyment of children, but we have nice news for the kids: a new water park Wet 'n Wild in Las Vegas. The park is huge and has all kinds of attractions for children and adults, ensuring fun for everyone. 

 Wetn Wild Las Vegas with children

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