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Accomodations in Las Vegas and the best areas

Check the accomodation options in Las Vegas and what are the best areas to stay in yout trip. As one of the cities with the greatest number of hotels of the world, it is not easy to choose the best place. There are several options of hotels, casinos, resorts and even houses for rent per season. For those who are not familiar with Vegas, the city has an avenue called Las Vegas Strip, which is a huge avenue where you will find the best hotels, casinos, shows, restaurants, clubs and malls. You'll spend most part of your trip in there.

Las Vegas Strip - Where to stay

Las Vegas Strip Area

Since the main attractions of the city are located in Las Vegas Strip, this avenue is the best place to stay. Bellagio, Wynn, Caesars Palace and Cosmopolitan are the most famous and luxurious hotels of Vegas, so if you can choose one of them, your trip will be even better. There are other great casino hotels that are are older and not so luxurious – but they are still great –, such as Excalibur, Luxor and Flamingos. If you choose a hotel in Las Vegas Strip, it will help you a lot and save you a lot of time. It is the best place to stay in Las Vegas. The avenue is very long and the best area is in the middle of it near from Bellagio Hotel and Caesars Palace Hotel.

Las Vegas Strip - Where to stay

Staying at Las Vegas Downtown

Another nice place that has a more affordable price is Downtown Las Vegas, known as old Las Vegas. It's a bit away from Las Vegas Strip and has the first hotels that were built in the city. Downtown does not have the same luxury and all the attractions of Las Vegas Strip, but has good hotels like Golden Nugget and Four Queens, which are pioneering hotels in Vegas and have hotels with great prices. The area is very vibrant and has a lot of things to do, besides being in front of Fremoont Street, which is a lively and busy street covered by a giant LED panel. It's a cool place to consider when choosing where to stay in Las Vegas, for those who want to save a lot and stay in the oldest and historical part of the city.

Staying at Las Vegas Downtown

Other areas to stay in Las Vegas

Besides Downtown and The Strip, there is nothing else to do in Las Vegas, because the other areas are more isolated and have no attractions. There are several resorts and large hotels scattered around the city that are much cheaper. Some hotels have incredible rooms for 8 people with a very low daily rate, so you can take a look and see if it's worth. Undoubtedly, choosing a hotel in Las Vegas Strip is the best option to enjoy your trip. The choice of where to stay in Las Vegas is important and can definitely change your trip.

How to find great and cheap hotels in Las Vegas

A great tip to find great hotels at incredible prices in the area you want and save a lot on accommodation is to use this Searcher for hotels in Las Vegas. We always use it, because it is the largest website for booking accomodations of the world. This engine includes all the hotels in Las Vegas and around the world and offers unbeatable prices due to the partnership they have with the hotels. We always use it and save a lot on accomodations, especially in Las Vegas Strip, which has good and cheap options. A good tip is to filter the results by "neighborhood", where you can select the region like The Strip Las Vegas that is the best area, and also "Reviews from other visitors" – select hotels with good reviews. You will have a list of the best hotels in the best areas and with excellent reviews of other guests. It will certainly ensure an excellent accomodation for the best price in Las Vegas.

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