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Unique VIP services for those looking for a exclusive experience in Vegas

Check VIP and exclusive services in Las Vegas in order to have a unique experience in your trip. We know a company that offers amazing services for those who want to get an exclusive service. From VIP spaces and bottle services in the best parties, to weddings, tours and bachelor parties. And the best thing is that a careful and influential professional will be responsible for all the service, for the sale, and will accompany you during all services. We loved the experience. See below the VIP services offered by this company.

VIP services in Las Vegas

If you want to contact this company, send an email to or add him on WhatsApp: +1 310 897 1003. He is a very caring professional and know Las Vegas like the back of his hands! They serve all kind of people and, since it is one of the largest and most famous VIP companies of the city, they usually work for soccer players, artists and singers from all over the world, which proves the quality of their services. You can check the offered services below. Don't forget to mention the code TRIPTISPSLASVEGAS so that they can offer you a discount and a more exclusive service that we offer to our readers.

Booking VIP spaces and bottle services in the best nightclubs and pool parties of Las Vegas

The best-selling service is the booking of VIP booths and bottle services in the best parties and pool parties of the city. This company has partnerships with the main nightclubs of the city, which allows them to provide the best VIP booths, services and tables in the main parties and nightclubs of LA. You will decide, together with the company, where you want to go, the space you want to book, the drinks you want to have, and they will provide you everything!

VIP spaces and bottle services in the nightclubs of Las Vegas
VIP spaces and bottle services in the nightclubs of Las Vegas

Bachelor and Bachelorette parties in Las Vegas

For those who want to throw an unforgettable Bachelor/Bachelorette party in Las Vegas, we recommend a full VIP service. You will be able to decide everything, with limousines, parties and everything else that the city can offer. 

Bachelorette parties in Las Vegas
Bachelor parties in Las Vegas

Limousines and VIP transfer services

It is a service for those who want to rent a limousine, whether for a party or just to move around Las Vegas. An exclusive transfer service with amazing cars.

Limousines and transfer services Las Vegas

Weddings in Las Vegas

For those who want to get married in Las Vegas, there are some wedding package options. They book the chapel, the photo service, the dress and everything you need to get married in Las Vegas.

Weddings in Las Vegas

VIP services in restaurants and bars in Las Vegas

It is a VIP service for those who want to go to the best restaurants and bars of Las Vegas and have a unique experience. They have tables and amazing packages in the best establishments of the city.

Helicopter rides - Grand Canyon and Las Vegas Strip

There are two helicopter tours that are incredible. One of them takes place in the Grand Canyon, which is a longer ride and you will have an incredible view of the entire landscape without losing a 4 hour drive to get there. And the other takes place in the Las Vegas Strip, which is the main avenue of Las Vegas, where you will see the amazing Hotels and Casinos, with the city lights creating an incredible setting.

Helicopter rides - Grand Canyon Las Vegas

Helicopter rides - Las Vegas Strip

UFC events with VIP service

It's for anyone who wants to have a VIP experience in UFC fights that take place in Las Vegas. You can buy a package that includes just the fights, or with access to the weighing space, or even with a meeting with all fighters to take pictures and get autographs.

For those who want a VIP service in Las Vegas, we recommend this company, which is one of the largest of the city and has an exclusive service for tourists. With them, your trip will be even more memorable.

How to save a lot on your trip

Don’t forget to read our article of how to save a lot of money in Las Vegas, with amazing tips for you to save a lot and price comparators to planning all your trip. Your trip can be much cheaper than you think. 

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