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Everything about the car trip to the Grand Canyon

Learn how to drive from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon. Since it is one of the most beautiful places in the world, the Grand Canyon is usually included in many itineraries of Vegas’ tourists, because it's only a few hours away and the road is very beautiful. The problem is that the Grand Canyon is a little far from Vegas and people usually wonder: Is it worth visiting the Grand Canyon? How much time does it take to drive from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon? Is it possible to do a day trip to the Grand Canyon? How is the road to the Grand Canyon? It's an amazing trip and it is really worth, but since it is huge, there are several areas in the Grand Canyon, so you need to plan where you want to go. It is important to take an entire day of your trip to this visit.

West Region at Grand Canyon

For those planning to travel by car from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, the best option is to go to the West of the Grand Canyon, which is the part that is closer to Vegas and the trip has "only" 121mi and takes around 2 hours. The West is the best option for those who do not want to make a long trip or who intend to stay there less than a day. The West also has an advantage, because it is out of the park area, so the strict laws of preservation and security do not apply. A cool tip for anyone going to Vegas is that hotels, restaurants, tourist sights, outlets and many other attractions are far apart, so renting a car is an excellent idea, not to mention that with the car you can go to the Grand Canyon or California, which is very close. If you want to, check out our article on how to rent a car in Las Vegas, with all the tips you need to know and incredible price comparators with great prices.

West Region at Grand Canyon

For those who choose to travel by car to the Grand Canyon West, it is where the Skywalk is, which is a suspended glass walkway where you can walk and have an inexplicable feeling to be on top of the Grand Canyon. The ticket to enter the park and the Skywalk costs $ 87, plus the photo that you have to buy, because you cannot bring your camera. You can go to the Grand Canyon by your own, or with companies that organize tours and go there by bus with tour guides. For those who like adventures, the ideal is to rent a car and go to the Grand Canyon by theirselves.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon at South Rim

And there's the other part of the Grand Canyon, known as the South Rim, which is for those who really like to hit the road. The main and most popular entrance to the Grand Canyon is located in the southern part of the National Park, 280mi away from Las Vegas. It is the most beautiful part of the Grand Canyon National Park, but it's a long journey to get there. One option is to sleep in one of the hotels of the park or in nearby towns, but you can also make a day trip by car if you feel better and like to drive. See the map below:

Grand Canyon at South Rim

The journey on the Las Vegas road to the south of the Grand Canyon is very beautiful and has many attractions along the way, besides the beautiful desert landscape. The trip takes about 4 hours, but you will probably take longer if you stop in some places. After 34mi in the road, you will see the gigantic Hoover Dam, which supplies the entire city of Las Vegas and is a huge and very beautiful place. It's worth a stop on the road to take pictures and visit the place.

hoover dam las vegas

Stop in the town of Peach Springs to see the Grand Canyon Caves, which has visits scheduled every 30 minutes. On the road again, which is beautiful and very well built, after driving more 37mi you will reach the town of Seligman, a charming town, like the ones you see in old western movies. Walking further 42mi is the city of Williams, which is also a good option to stay. And 37mi later you will arrive in the town of Tusayan. At this point you will already be close to the South region of the Grand Canyon.

 Driving from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon

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