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How and where to get married in Las Vegas?

Learn all about how and where to get married in Las Vegas. Marrying in Vegas has become a dream of many people who want to have an informal and funny wedding. Weddings in Las Vegas have become common in the past for couples who wanted to marry hidden from other people or who had urgency. Over the years, it became an increasingly famous tradition and people around the world travel to Las Vegas just to get married. And, since it is very easy to get married and make an informal ceremony, many people renew their vows or get married there to celebrate their 10th year anniversary. It is a funny way to celebrate the union and to get to know the world´s capital of entertainment. 

Weddings in Las Vegas

Where to get married in Las Vegas?

There are several churches and chapels scattered around the city and each one has its own style. If you want something more elegant and luxurious, the most suitable churches are those that are within the large Hotel Casinos such as Bellagio's Wedding Chapel Las Vegas, which is one of the most famous in Vegas and has hosted weddings of famous people, located inside the Bellagio Hotel Casino. Prices are more expensive and an advantage is that you can now let your guests stay at the hotel that the wedding will take place. Now if your idea is a simple, cheap and fun wedding, there are several chapels scattered around Las Vegas. The most famous are the Graceland Chapel and White Wedding Chapel, which has even a Drive Thru home in a pink Cadillac in just 30 minutes.

Weddings in Las Vegas

How much does a Las Vegas wedding cost?

There are several different packages that range from $ 200 to $ 2000. The simplest packages often include the ceremony, the decoration of the chapel and a photographer. You can choose the package you want and the options include the video of the ceremony, live streaming for people in your country to follow Elvis Presley as the priest of the ceremony, a limousine to fetch the bride and groom and then a walk in the city, wedding gifts, special decoration and even fake guests that pretend they are your family. To make the wedding reservation, you can call, do it by the Internet or do it personally in Vegas. Marriages take place every 30 minutes and there are many chapels in the city, so it´s hard not to find available time and place. The dress of the bride and groom´s clothes can be included in the package, you can buy at a thrift store or take an outfit you already have.

Weddings in Las Vegas

Are Las Vegas marriages legally valid?

There are two options for weddings in Vegas. You can get married officially, with signed paper and everything. In this case you will have some paper work and you need to take your documents with you. The process is more complicated, but it works. Now the most popular option is the informal wedding, which is only the ceremony, paperless and with no commitment. What counts is the party and the fun of the moment. That’s the choice that people who are already married and are just renewing their vows usually pick. You only need to pay the party and attend, with no commitments. Getting married in Las Vegas is an amazing experience!

Weddings in Las Vegas

Where and how to get married in Las Vegas

For those who want to get married in Las Vegas, there is a great company that sells wedding packages. They reserve the chapel, the photo service, the dress and the whole package to get married in Las Vegas. This service is offered by an excellent company that we met there and it offers incredible and high quality services, from VIP booths in the best parties and pool parties in Las Vegas, to weddings, helicopter rides and bachelor parties. And the best part is that a very attentive and influential professional will do all the service, sales and accompanies you in everything. If you want to know more about this company, read the article VIP services in Las Vegas in which we talk about everything and how to contact them.

Weddings in Las Vegas

How to get married in Vegas without spending more money

A cool tip for you to spend less and make a beautiful wedding is to not miss the article on how to save a lot of money in Las Vegas, so that you can save a lot of money and still enjoy this special moment. There you will find tips and incredible comparators to save a lot during your trip. If you save some money, you can use it to pay your dream wedding.

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