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Excalibur in Vegas

The Excalibur Hotel is one of the most famous hotels in Las Vegas. It has a great cost-benefit and is one of the cheapest hotels on the Strip, the main avenue of Vegas. Although it is among the great hotels, it is not as luxurious and its structure is not so good and impressive as the others, but they have a price that is below the average. The Excalibur is a medieval-themed hotel, simulating a castle. It may not be one of the best to stay, but it's a great option to visit and have fun.

Excalibur in Vegas

Location of Excalibur Hotel

The Excalibur Hotel is right in the beginning of the Strip, just after Luxor and before Mandala Bay. It is also connected via a walkway to the New York New York and Tropicana. The castle format calls everyone's attention and awakens people's curiosity. The hotel even has an attraction that is a dinner at one of its restaurants with a show called Tournament of Kings, with a duel of knights on their horses.

Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas

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Excalibur Attractions

A very cool attraction at the Excalibur is the Fun Dungeon, which is a huge room full of games, machines, arcades and toys for adults and children. There is also the Tribute to the Bee Gees, which is a cover of the Bee Gees and is a very lively and well-produced show. For women, there is the Thunder From Down Under, which is a musical show of male striptease. And if it is hot, which is very common because of the climate of Las Vegas, Excalibur has four large pools.

Excalibur Attractions

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Excalibur Hotels in Vegas

Restaurants and bars of the Excalibur

The Excalibur Hotel Las Vegas also has numerous restaurants, open for everyone. A great option is the Restaurant The SteakHouse At Camelotque, which have delicious grilled dishes, and Buca di Beppo, which serves Italian food. There is also a food court at the hotel with fast food restaurants that are cheaper. A tip for having dinner there is the Dick's Last Resort, the famous Dick's Bar. A super lively bar where the waiters and waitresses play with everyone all the time. When a woman takes her bra off and hang it in the bar, the bell is rung and the fun starts.

the famous Dick's Bar

The Excalibur Casino

The Excalibur Casino is huge and has all kinds of games. It has thousands of slot machines and blackjack, poker and roulette tables. The Excalibur also has a hall of sports games in the casino with dozens of TVs, where you can bet on NBA, football and soccer games. You can spend all day in there playing and betting, and will not even notice the time passing.

The Excalibur Casino

Rooms and accommodation

Rooms at Hotel Excalibur are not the most luxurious and are a bit old, but they are still nice and big. Prices vary according to the chosen room, but it is much cheaper than the other hotels in Vegas. A good point is the parking lot, which is free and you only pay tips for the employee that takes your car.

Rooms and accommodation from Excalibur

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