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When to travel to Las Vegas

Get to know when to go to Las Vegas and which is the best season and month to visit the city. As this city is the world capital of tourism and entertainment, events and attractions take place during every month of the year. January, February, December or any other month, attractions and shows will always be there and Las Vegas will never fail to provide you things to do. Vegas entertainment is really impressive and there you will find dozens of hotels, casinos, concerts, parties, bars and restaurants, so no matter when you go to Las Vegas, it will always be a great time. Things that may determine when you are visiting Vegas are the climate and the high season.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is in the middle of the Nevada desert, so its temperature will depend on the season. The best months to visit Las Vegas are March, April, May, September, October and November, due to the fact that it is not too hot nor too cold. It's a good time to visit Vegas because the weather is very nice. June, July and August are months of summer and sometimes it is even hard to walk on the streets. Of course, the hotels are all prepared for the high temperatures and pools will be always available. In December and January is winter in Nevada and temperatures during the night drop a lot so we need to wear coats and warm clothing. If you want to enjoy the pools, pool parties and the sun of the city, forget those two months, because even during the day it is really cold. Regarding the number of people and high season, summer is the most popular as well as the last weeks of the year, so avoid these seasons if you want to get promotions, good prices and few queues. But it depends a lot on each person, and in our opinion, if someone asks "When is it better to go to Las Vegas?" we will surely say “always!”

 Las Vegas

How to save a lot on your trip

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Best Season to visit Vegas

A cool tip for anyone going to Vegas is that hotels, restaurants, attractions, shopping malls, outlets and many other attractions are far apart, so renting car is an excellent choice. With a car you can also go to the Grand Canyon or California. See our article of how to rent a car in Las Vegas with all you need to know, tips to save a lot, and excellent price comparators to get an incredible price.

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