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See what you should not do in Las Vegas

Do you know what not to do in Las Vegas? When it comes to Las Vegas you think about nightclubs, hotels, casinos, lights, sun, pools, a lot of fun and a lot of good things. This article will be a little different, with some tips of what not to do there. Every trip needs to be very well planned, but there are things that unexpectedly happen. So there's a few tips of what not to do on your trip, but be sure to read the tips on what to do in Las Vegas later.

What not to do in Las Vegas

Do not be fooled by the distance of the casino & hotels

The Strip is the most famous avenue of Las Vegas. There are located the biggest casinos and hotels of the city. It is a very pleasant place to walk around, but you have to plan it first! Don’t try to walk around the whole avenue in just a day. The avenue is much larger than it seems to be. Do not forget to wear comfortable shoes for walking. If you want, for example, walk from The Luxor to the Stratosphere, is a walk of more than an hour (about 5mi). You can find it very easy to go, but do not forget that you have to go back. If you do not have time and fitness, this is one of the things not to do there.

Do not let the desert sun ruin your trip

Las Vegas, in the morning and afternoon, calls your attention for the beautiful pools and bars. Be careful with the sun. Pool areas are usually very refreshing with waterfalls, artificial waterfalls everywhere, drinks, ice cream, frozen food in the bars and of course, lots of alcohol that can make people forget to protect theirselves from the sun. It can definitely ruin your night. It also applies to long walks on The Strip. This is an important tip on what not to do in Vegas.

Do not let the desert sun ruin your trip

What not to do in the nightclubs

If you go to Vegas, it is mandatory to visit at least one of Vegas’ nightclubs, because they are just amazing. However, search some info about it before you go. Take a look at the price (some nightclubs can be very expensive) and allowed clothes (most clubs do not allow, for example, sneakers and polo shirts). A tip is not to go to the nightclubs wearing sneakers, because the chances of not being allowed to enter the place are great. Be sure to have some drinks before going to the nightclub, so that you don’t have to spend a lot there. It is also important not to drive if you drink alcohol. The laws in Las Vegas are strict and you can be arrested.

Las Vegas Party

Don’t choose a hotel out of the Las Vegas Strip

Another thing you cannot do in Las Vegas is to spend a lot of money in the main hotels and stay at a hotel out of the Strip. Las Vegas has good and cheap hotel options and a great tip to find great hotels at incredible prices in the area you want and save a lot on accommodation is to use this Searcher for hotels in Las Vegas. We always use it, because it is the largest website for booking accomodations of the world. This engine includes all the hotels in Las Vegas and around the world and offers unbeatable prices due to the partnership they have with the hotels. We always use it and save a lot on accomodations, especially in Las Vegas Strip, which has good and cheap options. A good tip is to filter the results by "neighborhood", where you can select the region, and also "Reviews from other visitors" – select hotels with good reviews. You will have a list of the best hotels in the best areas and with excellent reviews of other guests. It will certainly ensure an excellent accomodation for the best price in Las Vegas. 

Searcher for hotels in Las Vegas

Don’t buy expensive tickets for the shows

You cannot forget to buy tickets for attractions and shows previously, otherwise you will have to pay much more or there will be no tickets left. We found an incredible place to buy tickets for all shows, attractions, tours and clubs in Las Vegas. It is the official website of the city, the largest seller of tickets of the world. As the official website, they have tickets for ALL the shows, attractions, nightclubs, restaurants, tours and excursions you can imagine and the prices are just amazing. You can find tickets for Cirque du Soleil for $70. We bought tickets for many other tours, nightclubs, helicopter rides etc, because it is very worthwhile. They also have tours to the Grand Canyon. The website is excellent and their service is great. Click here in Official Website of Las Vegas and take a look at the shows and attractions and their prices, which are really amazing.

the strip las vegas

Do not take risks in Las Vegas

As already mentioned, it is very nice to walk around the Las Vegas Strip, mainly in the evening. But we must be careful, especially near the smaller and dark streets. Despite being a very busy avenue, robberies are frequent and there also many people selling drugs on the avenue. Try not to be alone and don’t carry a lot of money with you. Do not buy tickets from scalpers on the street, because sometimes they sell falsified tickets.

Important Tips for shopping in Las Vegas

An important tip for shopping in Vegas is to carry a trolley bag or a large backpack when going to the malls and outlets. Otherwise, in a few hours you will be full of plastic bags and it is not easy to carry them all day long. With a large bag or backpack, you can keep everything inside them and it is much more practical. Outlets, shopping malls, stores and tourist attractions are far away from each other, so an important tip to enjoy your trip and be able to shop is to rent a car, both for going shopping and visiting places. With a car you can even go to the Grand Canyon or to California. See our article of how to rent a car in Las Vegas with all you need to know, tips to save a lot, and excellent price comparators to get an incredible price. Our comparator compares the prices being offered by all major car rental companies of US. You will save a lot of money and will be able to buy even more cool things.

Important Tips for shopping in Las Vegas

How to save a lot on your trip and shopping more

A cool tip for those who want to buy a lot of things but have a tight budget is to check our amazing tips on how to save in Las Vegas. With our tips, you will be able to correctly spend your money in order to get an extra amount to go shopping. With our recommendations and comparators, you will find the best prices and will have an amazing trip spending a little money. Planning your whole trip saving a lot.

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