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The wonderful Las Vegas’ Le Revê Show

Learn more about the Le Revê Show in Las Vegas. Its not only one of Las Vegas’ main shows, but also has the spectacle space that was elected one of the most technologically modern in the world. It is located inside the luxurious Wynn Encore Casino Hotel. The Le Revê Show is performed over a round aquatic stage surrounded by the 360° seats where the color and effects take place to make you feel like you’re inside a dream. The combination of water and colors is what makes this show unique compared to the other shows in Vegas.

The wonderful Las Vegas’ Le Revê Show

Similar to the Las Vegas’ Cirque Du Soleil, the cast is made of professional dancers that live tales full of mysteries, love and adventure. The Le Revê has a spectacular sound track and state-of-the-art special effects that, along with more than 980 performers, make the theatre an unreal world. Having dream as the theme, is one of the best shows to see in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Le Revê Show

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Information about Las Vegas Le Revê Show:
Address: Wynn Encore Casino Hotel
Price: $90 average
Time: From Friday to Tuesday, 19:00-21:30

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