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Hotel & Casino Stratosphere: Entertainment, observatory and fun

The Stratosphere Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas is the highest observation tower of the United States. The Stratosphere is one of the most popular attractions of the city and is located at the north of the Strip, which is the main avenue. The Stratosphere is a bit away from other hotels and if you are on foot, the ideal is to take a taxi or a bus. As the highest point of Las Vegas, you can see the Stratosphere tower from anywhere in the city.

Stratosphere Tower Las Vegas

The Hotel & Casino Stratosphere is not one of the best hotels to stay in Las Vegas, but it is one of the most visited by tourists. By being a little away from the other hotels and since it does not have all the luxury and comfort that other hotels offer, it is always one of the cheapest and offers a really low price for those who are on a tight budget. The Stratosphere is so visited by tourists because there is a tower with an amazing observatory from where you can see the whole city of Las Vegas and there are three extreme activities on the top of the tower.

Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower in Las Vegas

To go to the Stratosphere observatory, you have to pay the entry that costs $18 and go to the upper part by elevator for more than 7,000 m². On the tower top there is a reserved area to see the amazing view of the city of Las Vegas. The ideal is to go at night because the hotels have all their lights turned on and the city is all bright. Take your camera, because in the tower you will take the most beautiful pictures of the trip. There are also giant binoculars to see the city that costs only 25 cents to use.

Stratosphere Las Vegas Bug Shot Elevator

The activities on the top of the tower are very extreme and not all people are brave enough to try. Each activity costs $ 15 or you can pay $ 34 for all activities. The most feared and extreme is the Insanity. The Insanity is a spinning mechanical arm that holds you 900ft. high. The mechanical arm spins very fast and it is normal to hear desperate screams and to see people coming out of it with a frightened face. 

Stratosphere Las Vegas Insanity

The Big Shot is the preferred one, because the view and the feeling are inexplicable. The Big Shot is an elevator on the top of the tower, that rises and drops in a free fall. Finally, the X-Scream is a catapult headfirst 27ft. over the Tower edge that makes people go crazy. 


Another very cool attraction at the Stratosphere is the Restaurant Top Of The World. It is a 360º restaurant on top of the tower that slowly rotates, at a speed that you almost can’t notice. Having dinner or lunch at the Top of the World is amazing and the view of the city of Las Vegas is wonderful. The ideal is to make a reservation the day before, because it usually gets very crowded. Don’t forget to read our article of how to save a lot of money in Las Vegas, with amazing tips for you to save a lot and price comparators to planning all your trip. Your trip can be much cheaper than you think.

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