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The Coca-Cola store in Las Vegas

The World of Coca-Cola is a museum-store of Coca Cola in Las Vegas, United States. The World of Coca-Cola is a huge store located in the Showcase Mall Las Vegas, close to the New York-New York Hotel & Casino and the MGM Grand. The space is totally dedicated to the most famous soft drink brand in the world, telling the story of Coca in a very interesting way, with murals and decorations on the walls of the store, all very colorful. In addition, the World of Coca-Cola has a giant Coke bottle where tourists can take pictures.

Coca-Cola store in Las Vegas

Like everything else in Las Vegas, the World of Coca-Cola could not be different from the rest of the city attractions, so it's a typical store of Las Vegas, colorful, gigantic and elegant. Prepare yourself to look at any place and see the trademark of Coca Cola emblazoned on plates, watches, shoes, bottle openers, pens, stuffed animals, and thousands of items for sale, ranging from home accessories to clothing. There is also a giant bottle of Coke in which tourists take lots of pictures. One of the coolest things in this store is that visitors can taste more than 16 soda flavors from around the world - from the German Coke to soft drink with watermelon and green apple flavors from China.

The World of Coca-Cola Store in Las Vegas

Information about The World of Coca-Cola in Las Vegas:
Address: Inside the Showcase Mall at 3785 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas (USA).
Opening hours: Open daily from 9AM to 12AM.

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