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Buy electronics at Fry’s in Las Vegas

Fry’s is one of the biggest electronics stores in Las Vegas. Imagine a supermarket-size store fully equipped with only electronics. Certainly a paradise for buyers looking for cameras, TVs, iPods, IPads, Notebooks, computers, games and so on. The excellent service and the great variety of products makes the experience of buying there worthwhile. Different from other retail chains that have stores spread around, to find a Fry’s in Las Vegas is not easy, because there is only one. It is located next to downtown, 6845 South Las Vegas Blvd Avenue. 

Las Vegas Fry’s stores

Fry’s retail chain is only found in one side of USA, in California and Vegas. The amount of stores is lower than the giant Best Buy, but the stores are bigger and with a variety of products that surpasses the other retails. Fry’s is considered by travelers the best store in United States to purchase computers and notebooks. If you visit one of its stores, please be sure to take a day just for that, because to see all sections and products in the store can take quite a while. This is surely a great option for those looking to buy electronics is Las Vegas.

  Las Vegas Fry’s: Electronics Store

A cool tip for anyone going to Vegas is that hotels, restaurants, attractions, shopping malls, outlets and many other attractions are far apart, so renting car is an excellent choice. With a car you can also go to the Grand Canyon or California. See our article of how to rent a car in Las Vegas with all you need to know, tips to save a lot, and excellent price comparators to get an incredible price.

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