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What are the best toy stores in Las Vegas

Whether you are travelling with kids or just searching for a gift, buying toys at Las Vegas is a great option. In this oddity and luxurious city, buying toys is an excellent way to save some money and still find a diversity of products you may like. It is surely worth buying in Las Vegas. Check more details about toy stores in Las Vegas.

Toy Stores in Las Vegas

Toy Shack

Toy Shack is highly regarded among old toys specialized stores. It is located in Fremont Street, one of the most visited sites in Las Vegas. There you will find from vintage toys to the newest. The store also buys collection toys to resell. What makes this store unique, is the chance of finding rare and exclusive toys. An excellent way to surprise someone with a gift that certainly won’t be expected. But do not just stay inside the store; also take a look at the beautiful area and streets around. 

Hobby Town

A success among men, boys and fathers. Why? Well, at Hobby Town you will find remote control helicopters, cars, planes, boats, jeeps and drones. Also, there is a variety of Star Wars and other movies’ products. From spaceships to characters’ personal objects. Add to this board games, and miniatures of almost anything for you to build your own little city, such as trains, houses, gas stations, churches and other places. And let’s be honest, which man never dreamed of having his own little town? Yes, the toys at Hobby Town are in no way mainstream and can boost the imagination of both adults and kids.

Lego Store

Although Lego products are sold in pretty much all the toy stores in Las Vegas, visiting the Lego Store itself can certainly make the experience amazing. Inside you will see Lego structures of all types of unusual things, such as characters, objects, houses, buildings, cars and even planes. And no need to say, there is a lot more variety of options and colors that only a Lego Store can offer. Besides, the prices are worthwhile. Due to the objects made of Lego, just visiting the store can be an attraction. 


Being one of the biggest hypermarket chains, Walmart is famous worldwide not only because of its food, but also because of the diversity of other products that you can find there. You can find clothes, items for bathing, electronic assets, accessories and much more, including all types of toys. Walmart sells a lot of toys, such as stuffed animals, dolls, fun games, fun slippers, skates and much more. There are toys for every age, including babies and toddlers. Prices are good, especially if you are looking for famous characters that usually are expensive, but at Walmart they are sold at very low prices. 

Walmart at Las Vegas

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